2 thoughts on “Do Freelancers Need Agents?

  1. Maybe I’m too old school…

    At the end of the day it still comes down to relationship. Online or in person. The article even points out (as do you) that it is not the relationship that needs to be eliminated, just redefined. But my question would be: How great of a “relationship” can you have with an online presence/person that you will most likely never meet in person and might (if luck has it your way) speak with on the phone.

    Isn’t it easier to become just another number using an internet service?

    Great article, still processing…

    • That’s a fantastic point. If you never talk to this person and you’re writing is good but not stellar, how do you stick out among the other writers to be chosen to complete more work for the publication?

      I agree. It’s easy to be a number. But isn’t that the lazy way to go?

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