Balancing Multiple Hats

I recently took on another freelance project and people keep asking me if I can handle it. “Well, of course, I can,”  I said. This made me think about how I balance my multiple hats.

As a writer, blogger, worker and social media coordinator, it can at times be overwhelming. We all at one time or another have felt burnt out. I’ve learned that for me, the best thing is utilizing the extra time I can find and utilizing the tools available to me.

I’m a huge fan of the old school date planner. I tried to use the preloaded calendar on my smartphone, but it just wasn’t that smart. This is my first trick; a good organization system to keep a record of what is coming up next.

I always used my commute to and from work to write. I still carry a lined blank book in my bag with me, just in case I get inspired to write. Now that I have so many projects going on, I find myself utilizing the capabilities of my smartphone more and more.  Just last week, I wrote an entire proposal on my smartphone using Evernote.  How can you go wrong using a program that you can access online when you get home. I use Evernote to make note of ideas for this blog, freelance stories and book reviews.

Some other tools you’ll find on my smartphone, besides Twitter, of course, are the WordPress app and now HootSuite. I like having the ability to post from the road and schedule my posts/tweets/entries ahead of time.  Most of us have phones now that have all of the capabilities of a computer.  Why not use them to make your life easier?

Writers, what tricks do you use to manage your time?  Do you have any other tips and tricks to share?  Leave me a note in the comment section below.

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