The Writer’s Arch-Nemisis: Writer’s Block

At one time or another, and more than writers like to admit, we get writer’s block. Being uninspired is frustrating and always seems to come at a time where it is very unwelcome. Whether it is right before a deadline or when you want to write for yourself, it’s frustrating.

That’s how this post came about.  My good friend and fellow blogger at Ruffly and Sweet asked me what I was planning on blogging about this week and I said that I didn’t know. She told me that is exactly what I should blog about.

This is the first time that I haven’t come across an article that I wanted to blog about or have had a fabulous experience that I wanted to share for Person of Letters. I just haven’t really been inspired to write and I haven’t been writing as often. But for me, the best thing to do when I’m feeling uninspired it to talk it out, either to myself or to those around me who are willing to listen. That’s how I became inspired today.

I’m the ultimate procrastinator and that coupled with writer’s block can make what I do extra difficult, but this is when I thrive. I feel my writing is best when the pressure is on and I know that I have to put my nose to the grindstone and turn things out quickly. I’ve always been this way and let’s face it; I’m not going to change. So I cope and I trudge through and I continue to write.

How do you cope with writer’s block? What do you do to get inspired? Share you suggestions for coping with writer’s block in the comments section!

4 thoughts on “The Writer’s Arch-Nemisis: Writer’s Block

  1. I totally agree with your comment about writing best when there’s pressure – I’m exactly the same. I always get more done (often of better quality too) when I am up against the clock. Ironic isn’t it?

  2. It’s always funny where inspiration comes from when you have writer’s block. Usually some time reading or browsing a few websites helps, but it can be really unexpected when something finally causes a breakthrough.

    Of course, the best way around writer’s block usually does end up being a deadline. When your reputation is on the line, you bring your A Game : )

  3. Sometimes it’s just difficult to get into the writing mode. I think it’s human nature to get “stuck” at times in our boring daily routines, so it’s hard to get inspired. Procrastination is a big foe, and perfectionism is an even bigger one.

    There’s a lot to try to spark the mood. Reading a news story or a new book might spark a passionate response. Going for a walk or people-watching, or just a change of scenery can be inspiring. Stepping outside of your element and into a new situation. Even doing a bit of cleanup to de-clutter your workspace can work wonders.

    Other times, it’s just best to mentally step back and take a break for a while. When you’re a writer at heart, the craft and talent will always be there, and it will naturally come to fruition again.

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