Change: Friend or Foe

I have been blanketed with change lately. One of my best friends is moving to San Francisco to pursue her own dreams and those of her hubby. Two of my colleagues and dear friends are moving into new stages in their careers. I’m happy for them all!

They made me think a lot about change. The three aforementioned ladies made change for themselves. They knew what they wanted and they went after it. Why can’t I?

With change comes fear, especially for anyone in the writing profession. I think I’m ready for change, but I’m afraid of the uncertainty. There are bills to pay and being a freelancer alone isn’t the most stable career. And let’s not forget that the economy is not that great. Why would I want to change something I am comfortable with?

That’s exactly why I should embrace change. I’m too comfortable. It has been a long time since I have been really challenged in my own personal writing and my career. We accept change because we need to grow personally and professionally.

I’m going to take the plunge and try to make change for myself. I really would like to start querying again and expanding into marketing, social media and public relations. I want to learn.

I don’t want to regret not making change for myself. I don’t want my life to be the same in ten years as it is now. I want to take the risks.

How do you embrace change? Do you make it for yourself or do you make it happen for you? Are you a risk taker?

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