Book Reviews: LYIN’ CHEATIN’ BASTARDS by Adler, Freeman, Young, Zwart

The following review originally appeared on Book End Babes, a website devoted to a love of reading and to learning about new authors.

Lyin’ Cheatin’ Bastards is not – despite the title – a chick lit book. It’s about the political scandals of the new millennium.

I love politics. It’s something that’s always interested me, and being from Chicago, it’s always something that has been in the news. I’ve survived Blago, Ryan, Loren-Maltese and other crazy politicians. I’ve also followed many of the downfalls of the politicians mentioned in this creative collaboration.

“In Lyin’ Cheatin’ Bastards, no political office is sacred, no party is immune, and no sin that’s been punished goes unrecognized. From small-town mayors to well-known state representatives, the antics of those who serve our nation are chronicled here for all eternity.”

And chronicled they are. Many of you – Republican and Democrat alike – will recognize many of these names and will remember their stories. Weiner, Spitzer or Edwards ring a bell? They aren’t alone and there are some politicians that have done worse things to make the list.

I was STUNNED when Blago wasn’t number one on the list. C’mon he was convicted of trying to sell President Obama’s vacant senate seat. It turns out that there are two people who are WORSE than him. And for good reason.

It amazes me how many of the people that the citizens of this country have elected are incompetent, thieves and just plain dumb. They have stolen our money, cheated on their wives, sent out inappropriate photos and emails and have molested children. And shame on those gay politicians who tried to pass anti-gay legislation.

And what’s up with the wives of these politicians? Lyin’ Cheatin’ Bastards has a great table about the women who chose to stand by their man. Kudos to those strong women who kicked them to the curb.

When I wasn’t shaking my head about how dumb these politicians were – if you are going to communicate online use a better screen name – I was laughing hysterically at how the authors of the book closed each politicians section. The writing is stellar in this book. For something that is sourced and data driven, it reads like a novel.

If you love politics, you should pick up with book. If you don’t, you should pick it up for the great laugh it will give you. I truly hope there is another version in the works. I certainly know that the State of Illinois has some more corruption coming to life.

Have you read any other books on political scandals? What are your favorites?

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