Why Books Make the Best Gift for Kids

The following review originally appeared on Book End Babes, a website devoted to a love of reading and to learning about new authors.

Many of you are still shopping for holiday gifts for children – both young and old. Why not buy them books?

I was an avid reader as a kid and loved books, whether they were a gift from Santa or checked out from my local Chicago Public Library branch. To this day, I love to give books as gifts in hopes that I can provide the same joy to someone else that books gave to me.

This past weekend, I spent some time with my honorary nephew Lincoln. (I’m an only child; thank gosh I have great friends to bestow me honorary titles.) This little one-year-old ball of joy LOVES books. He zooms over to his container of books and wants to read them. ALL of the time.

In the three plus days I was there, we must have read all of his books more than once. Some of them more than three times. From farm animals to bugs to nursery rhymes, Lincoln just wanted more and more and more. I’m partial to the Llama Llama Red Pajamas series, as it was the first book that I read to him when he was just a few months old.

This trip, I brought him Llama Llama Holiday Drama and watched as he shrieked with delight as he unwrapped his own present. I got to see that look of joy that I remember myself having upon the arrival of a new book.

Books are educational, calming, entertaining and are a great way for a little one to bond with their parents. The Elmos and other toys will be loved for a few minutes and put away in the toy chest – if they even make it that far. Books will be read over and over again.

This holiday season, give the child in your life a book. It’s the best gift that they can get.

What are your favorite books to give?

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