Blogging Without Limits

I’ve struggled for more than a year now with redefining Person of Letters into something new that reflected more than just writing, because I am so much more than just a writer now. I’m not sure what exactly inspired me to log onto WordPress today, but I’m sure glad that I did.

After an exploration through the available themes, I found the perfect concept that just happened to match my newly redesigned resume. It’s unique, pink and an expression of my personality. It was then that I realized that content of my blog needed to showcase the same ideal. I’m more than just a writer and a marketer. I’m a newly addicted runner, a baker, a friend and a whole lot more. These parts of me are just as big a part of my brand as my career is.

With that, I welcome you to my new blog – branded with my name. I hope you enjoy reading about how I’m working to live life without

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