Are We Destined for Concurrent Careers?

Today on Facebook, my friend Jeanne posed this question to her friends:

If you could do anything you wanted, and money was no object, what would you do?

After posting my response, I started to read those posted by others and recognized a common thread: people wanted to hold multiple dream jobs – myself included. I then started thinking about those who influence my life. Many of them fall under the same umbrella.

You’d have to go back to my early college years to find a time where I didn’t hold more than one job. I always thought that I would find my way down my career path into that one job I love. But after reading the comments in this thought-provoking Facebook post, I couldn’t help but wonder: are we destined for concurrent careers?

Photo from Paper Tiger Blog

Photo from Paper Tiger Blog

I think that many of us – especially in the creative world – will hold multiple careers. I think that this is a result of being so plugged into technology. For instance, if you are chef, you just aren’t a chef anymore. You’re a social media expert, a blogger and a cookbook writer. If you are a screenplay writer, you are a marketer and a fundraiser.

Then, there are many people out there who are balancing two careers until they can move full-time into their positions. You could be a writer until your culinary career takes off. You could be an advisor until your family business picks up speed.

I think I’m a little bit of both. As a writer, I’ve continued to hold multiple jobs to build my experience to move over into the world of marketing, which happens to be one of those jobs that you are continually plugged in for.

Tell me, do you hold concurrent careers?  What’s the driving force behind your decision?

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