Hitting the Reset Button

resetIt’s been a while since I’ve had the time to blog for myself. This year has been a whirlwind of change for me. In February, I was afforded the opportunity to make the transition into marketing that I had been hustling for. It’s always a big risk to leave behind the comfort of place where you’ve forged strong relationships, built trust and carved a place for yourself within the corporate dynamic. The risk was worth the potential reward.

Leaving the commute and high-rise life behind, I joined the team of a marketing agency in my neighborhood where I  experienced a whole new workplace dynamic. While this opportunity didn’t pan out how I had hoped when I took the position, I learned a lot from the experience – about the marketing world, about agency life and about myself.

As I search for my next opportunity, I’m grateful to have the time to reset not only my career goals, but my overarching life goals. While no one is truly comfortable with all of this extra time on their hands, I’ve used these extra hours as a time to reset; a time to reflect on where I want my life journey to take me. By connecting – and in many cases reconnecting – with those I’ve crossed paths with, I’ve gained additional insight and realized that I have an excellent support system full of people who genuinely want what’s best for me.

I’m also grateful to have the time to work with Teresa Watson, a wonderful mystery writer. Not only have I had the pleasure of being the sounding board for her first full-length novel, I’ve had the opportunity to copy edit the novel and to help her develop a plan to spread the word about its release. (Shameless plug: the book is set for release on August 5th). It’s been a challenge, but I’m excited that I have the time to take on this challenge. There’s no question that I love to read and working with Teresa has enabled me to find a connection between my personal and professional lives.

I don’t know what the future holds for me, but this reset made me realize how important it is to reassess what matters, how never burning your bridges pays off when you least expect it and how what you think you want might not be what you really wanted all along. That’s the great thing about life: you reset and move forward.

One thought on “Hitting the Reset Button

  1. So fantastic! Could not be happier for you to explore, reflect and find all the ways to share your many talents with the world – it’s your oyster!!

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