Earning My Wings in 2016

This past year, I fought a battle with unwanted house guests, made my first adult trip to the emergency room, and experienced more drama and transitions than I cared to. Thanks to these battles, I purged physical items, reevaluated my career goals and took a deep look at some of the relationships in my life. I feel much lighter and I’m grateful for the many learning experiences of 2015.

There is one thing that I will thank 2015 for: The Imerman Angels Brunch Run. I signed up with my friend Amy to run this 5K because it looked like a lot of fun. What runner doesn’t want breakfast after they cross the finish line?

Brunch Run

From left: Rose, me and Amy at the Imerman Angels Brunch Run

Amy, my new friend Rose, and I were hanging out after finishing our brunch. Onto the stage came Imerman Angels founder Jonny Imerman to speak about the mission of his organization. I was immediately drawn in and found myself in tears by the end of his speech. I remember telling Amy and Rose just how cool I thought it was that someone had thought “to provide personalized connections that enable one-on-one support among cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers.”

I started following the organization on social media and ultimately went into the Imerman offices for volunteer training. I had been looking for a place to volunteer with (I spent much of childhood volunteering at the Chicago Public Library and for my local church) and I knew from the minute I walked into the office that this organization was a perfect fit. And I did volunteer. I spent Chicago Marathon Sunday getting to know some of my fellow volunteers and Imerman staff members while cheering on returning runners and helping them refuel. And I was able to thank Jonny for inspiring me at the Brunch Run.

I wanted to make more of an impact than just volunteering at Imerman events. I want everyone to know what Imerman Angels can do for those diagnosed with cancer and I want to help tell everyone about it, so I applied to be a part of the Professional Board.

Last month, I learned that I was accepted to be a part of the Professional Board. I’ll be working with Team Imerman Angels to help build awareness and raise funds to keep this awesome operation going. My first meeting is this week and I cannot wait to get started!

I’ll be writing blog posts about my experience as a member of the Imerman Angels Professional Board to keep everyone informed about the cool things we’re doing and how you can get involved. I hope you’ll join me as I look to earn my wings in 2016!

One thought on “Earning My Wings in 2016

  1. This is so great! I’m really happy you earned a spot on the board, and I think you’ll make incredible contributions to such a wonderful organization. This news makes me very happy for you and I couldn’t be more proud of the amazing things I know you’ll accomplish. Cheers for a fabulous 2016!

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