An Exercise in Self-Reflection

pexels-photo-279470.jpegI’m going back to high school.

I never really thought I’d be saying those words. Recently, I reconnected with the now Director of Communications for my alma mater and she invited me to speak to freshmen and sophomores during their Aspirations for Young Men and Women event. The speakers at the event are all alumni and we’re charged with sharing our stories to encourage these students to work hard to go to college and toward what they want to achieve.

Preparing for this event has sent me into self-reflection about my career path. Am I where I thought I would be in high school? Let’s be real, in high school I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. (Most days, I still don’t think I do.) How about in college? I’m definitely not where I thought I would be after college, but I learned the skills I needed to make a transition into a similar field. Am I where I thought I would be five years ago? Close.

More importantly, it’s forcing me to tell my own story. How did my high school experiences fold into my college experiences and then into life? How are these freshmen and sophomores going to relate to this? How can I be inspirational?

I’m still struggling to figure out the answers to these questions, but I have a strong outline of what I want to express. Hopefully, I’ll be able to reach some of these young people and help inspire them to strive for something big.

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