It’s All About a Schedule

Since I’ve taken on this new project, I’ve realized that now more than ever I need to make myself a schedule. I talked a bit about the balance  in my Balancing Multiple Hats post. This contact position is more content and social media heavy than I have taken on prior, but I’m ready for the challenge and I think that the key to success is how I schedule my time.

While the time I have to write varies daily, I’ve sat down and made myself tangible goals to ensure I complete my tasks and that I’ve made the progress I need to stay on track.

  • Writing Sprints: The best thing about Twitter is having a strong community of writers on my side. I completed my first of what will probably many more with the help of Jeanne (@jeannevb). Tuning out of social networks for a while and keeping the TV turned off resulted in a quite productive hour.
  • Google Calendar: I am a huge fan of my tiny little pocket purse planner. I’ve decided to move into the technical age and input all of my meetings into the Google calendar that syncs with my Android. The automatic reminders of meetings are helpful.
  • A Blank Journal: I love having one of these with me to write down my notes about a project, keep track of information and have with me at all times to write outlines and ideas on for pieces. It’s a great compact item to have with me during my commute because it fits in my bag. It enables me to utilize available time during a commute.

What are your favorite tools and tips that you use when you are working on a project? Give me some ideas in the comments!

I Admire Barnes & Noble For Their Note

I got this email from Barnes & Noble and scratched my head a bit at first. I was never a huge fan of Barnes & Noble, but my mom and I would stop there often to browse their offerings. Many of my books came from there as a kid, but as I started to buy my own books, I veered towards Borders because of their availability and their prices.

I loved Borders coupons and one of my colleagues used them ALL of the time. I miss Borders and I was saddened that the brick and mortar bookstores are going the way of CDs. I love that Barnes & Noble realizes this.  For those of you who didn’t get the letter, click here to read it.

But the most interesting thing to me is that Barnes & Noble has acquired Borders trademarks and that it’s included at the end of the letter. I’m a writer, not a business person, but it makes me wonder if we may one day see Borders again in a new format.

Like I said, I’m not the biggest Barnes & Noble fan, but the honestly of this letter and the fact that they are really trying to get my business, makes me want to go back into one of their stores. I think it’s cool that any Borders premium members get the Barnes & Noble premium experience for free.  What is there to loose?

Former Borders shoppers, will you be going to Barnes & Noble? Let me know your thoughts on this letter in the comments below.

Thanks Chicago Public Library!

I’ve been sharing with you my love of the library and my obsession with my new Kindle. They have now morphed together. This morning as I was going through my Twitter feed, I discovered the Chicago Public Library is now offering e-books for my Kindle. Yes I shrieked with delight in my apartment, causing my two cats to look at my like I was insane.

I read the Sun-Times article and was pleased to know that the Chicago Public Library has multiple digital copies of the best-selling books to borrow. All you have to do is log onto the site and enter your library card number and zip code. 3,546 books at my fingertips for free. And I don’t have to worry about late fees! Sign me up now.

I immediately logged onto the Chicago Public Library site to view what was available and I was not surprised to find myself looking at a wait list for many of the best sellers. As Jen commented on my post about the potential Amazon digital library, many people don’t want to wait on these lists. That’s fine for you all, but this girl is adding herself on the wait list now. The nice thing is is that the site shows you how many copies of the e-book are available and how many people are on the waiting list.

Since I have gotten my Kindle, I have been devouring books like crazy. I’m a firm believer that the more you read the better you write.  This discovery is going to feed into my desire to read and desire to write. Winter in Chicago is coming and I think I just figured out what I’m going to do holed up in my apartment when the snow comes.

I Think I’ve Been Converted: Why I Love My Kindle

I have been obsessed with my new Kindle. Rather than write a whole new post about it, I thought I’d share what I wrote for BookEndBabes yesterday. I look forward to hearing about why you enjoy your Kindle, Nook, iPad or other e-reader. Click here to read the post in its original format.

While I usually love to share my latest read with you all, today I’d like to share why I’m an e-reader convert.

For my birthday this year I got a Kindle. For a long time now, I’ve been telling everyone that it just wouldn’t be the same as reading a book. I grew up in the library and love the musty smell of a book just taken off the shelf. I thought I would miss the feel of a book and the turning of the pages.

I’m a convert. The cover I ordered makes it feel as I’m holding a real book, which has made the transition easier. The idea of having a new book right at my fingertips is amazing. I also love the idea of being able to share books with my best friend because she has a Kindle too.

But my favorite part of my Kindle is discovering new authors that I may not have come across if I didn’t have a Kindle. I also love the thought of supporting authors who are just starting out. I am also happy to give back to those who I have met through social media and have afforded me the opportunity to share my thoughts with all of you.

My first download was Jamie’s Let Us Prey. Everyone who loves a strong female character and a good mystery should pick this up immediately. I’m only about halfway through and I love it. A book has to be good to make me almost miss my train stop to and from work on multiple days.

Malena and Vivi you are next!

I’m really glad I embraced this new technology, but I can’t say that I won’t pick up a real book now and again.