I Admire Barnes & Noble For Their Note

I got this email from Barnes & Noble and scratched my head a bit at first. I was never a huge fan of Barnes & Noble, but my mom and I would stop there often to browse their offerings. Many of my books came from there as a kid, but as I started to buy my own books, I veered towards Borders because of their availability and their prices.

I loved Borders coupons and one of my colleagues used them ALL of the time. I miss Borders and I was saddened that the brick and mortar bookstores are going the way of CDs. I love that Barnes & Noble realizes this.  For those of you who didn’t get the letter, click here to read it.

But the most interesting thing to me is that Barnes & Noble has acquired Borders trademarks and that it’s included at the end of the letter. I’m a writer, not a business person, but it makes me wonder if we may one day see Borders again in a new format.

Like I said, I’m not the biggest Barnes & Noble fan, but the honestly of this letter and the fact that they are really trying to get my business, makes me want to go back into one of their stores. I think it’s cool that any Borders premium members get the Barnes & Noble premium experience for free.  What is there to loose?

Former Borders shoppers, will you be going to Barnes & Noble? Let me know your thoughts on this letter in the comments below.