Seven Questions with your Favorite Blogger/Writer: Jeanne Bowerman

I’ve always been curious about what inspires my favorite writers. Whether they are bloggers, freelancers, scriptwriters, TV writers or novelists, they have to draw inspiration from something.  I want to thank all of you who contributed your questions and I hope you enjoy the first of my new monthly Q&A series.  Look for this new feature on the first Thursday of every month. If you want to see your favorite blogger/writer interviewed, contact me.

Name: Jeanne V. Bowerman

Profession: Writer of Things


Twitter: @jeannevb

Her impact on me: I “met” Jeanne in an online class.  We connected on Twitter.  She’s been great in connecting me with awesome people. She’s a truly inspirational person. 

Person of Letters: Why did you start writing/blogging? Was it for personal or for professional reasons?

Jeanne V Bowerman:  My blog was conceived after I started using Twitter. I noticed so many other writers sharing their work via their own websites that I had to jump in. After I started the blog was when I realized all the potential it had to showcase my work and help me gain exposure.

POL: How long do you think about what you are going to write before you write?

JB: I mull it over for a  few hours and either jump in or change subjects entirely. With my crazy schedule, as well as a weekly column, I only have time to post once a month. (Note: You should check out her Balls of Steel Column and her Ask Jeanne column, especially if you’re into scriptwriting)

POL: Is there something you carry with you at all times to write ideas that may pop in your head? If so, what is its? A notebook, your smartphone, a scrap of paper?

JB: All of the above. I also use a digital recorder when I run – thought it’s tough sometimes to understand the playback of my thoughts while breathing heavily!

POL: How do you battle writers block?

JB:  Running or just getting out of the house. Nothing helps me more than simply either moving my body or living my life.

POL: What is your favorite book/blog? Do you draw inspiration from it?

JB:  Jane Friedman’s blog is by far one of the best sources of information and inspiration. But my greatest inspiration truly comes from observing people, not from reading.

POL: Along the same lines of the previous question, which writers from the past have inspired you? (more points for naming obscure writers)

JB: One of my favorite books is A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry – 624 pages of pure edge-of-my-seat reading. The story follows four people who live in Inda, examining the caste system and political upheavals of the time. Fascinating, gripping, and heart-wrenching read. It was reading that book that made me realize I didn’t just want to write stories; I wanted to move people with my words.

POL: Tell us something about you and your writing that we might not know.

JB: When I was a freshman at Cornell, studying at the Hotel School, I was required to take a writing course. After the class was over, my professor begged me to change majors to Creative Writing. I gasped and stared at him as if he had twelve heads, saying, “Who would ever want to read what I have to say?” I wasn’t ready. Not by a long-shot. It took me until my 40s to finally let go of that fear and share my words. Honestly, I have no regrets. I needed to live my life before I had enough experiences to share and the confidence to share them.


Last Call for Questions

I’ve been devoting a lot of my time working on my new blog feature. I look forward to sharing it with you all soon. I thought I would give you one more chance to submit questions you would ask your favorite writer/blogger. Leave me your questions in the comments below. They just might end up as a part of my new feature!

What Would You Ask?

I’ve decided to introduce a new features to my Person of Letters blog. As writers, we all learn from one another and their experiences. Many times when I read my writers, I wonder what made them start writing , what their inspiration is and other thoughts. Then it dawned on me that I should start asking them.

Once a month, I plan on asking my favorite writers the same questions and I will share their answers with you all. But I need your help.

What would you ask your favorite writers? Is there something that  you are dying to know? Share you questions with me in the comments sections below and chances are they will appear in next month’s inaugural post.

I look forward to your ideas!